Sports-Related Concussion

What is The Concussion Center?

The Concussion Center at TOC utilizes an evidence-based approach to assess, treat, and manage concussion injuries.  Under the clinical direction of Dr. Scott Burkhart, The Concussion Center provides an advanced, cutting edge level of care using a multidisciplinary approach to concussion treatment. Specializing entirely in the assessment, treatment, and management of concussion, Dr. Burkhart is the only neuropsychologist in the Florida Panhandle and South Georgia region fellowship trained specifically in concussion injuries. Adding further distinction, The Concussion Center has been granted the honor of being a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC). CIC designation is awarded to clinics and organizations recognized by ImPACT as an authority on ImPACT computerized neurocognitive testing and a leader of concussion management in their individual community.

Patient evaluations at The Concussion Center start with a thorough assessment including: a detailed clinical interview, vestibular-ocular screening, neurocognitive testing, and patient education.  For an expanded overview of the evaluation process and what to expect during a typical patient visit, click here.

The Concussion Center recognizes specific treatment approaches for each patient may vary just as concussions themselves vary in presentation. By asking focused questions about specific details of the injury, utilizing vestibular-ocular screening and neurocognitive testing, patients can be provided with an individualized treatment plan to target specific areas of the brain that have been effected following a concussion injury.

Some patients may recover relatively quickly and require minimal treatment interventions, while other patients may need more. The Concussion Center may utilize treatment interventions such as environmental/behavioral management strategies, academic accommodations for students, and work accommodations when necessary. Patients with persistent cognitive or vestibular/ocular dysfunction and prolonged symptoms of concussion may require referrals for more advanced treatments such as vestibular therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy, and medication management.

“Concussion is no longer an injury where treatment consists of resting for two weeks and waiting to get better. There are safe and empirically-validated treatment options available that can assist with and expedite recovery.”

~ Dr. Scott Burkhart

The Concussion Center is dedicated to proper management and safe return to activity for each individual patient. The Concussion Center providers and staff are devoted to continued education and support for each patient throughout the entire recovery process. Each individual patient is followed closely with regular follow-up evaluations, communication with treatment providers, and collaboration with school or work organizations. For every patient, the goal is to provide a safe and progressive return back to activity. For athletes and other physically active patients, a return to activity often entails a progressive, stage-based approach to academics and physical activity. For student athletes, The Concussion Center providers and staff may consult with coaches, athletic trainers, and school personnel to promote a safe return to play by using a stage-based protocol for physical activity that is compliant with FHSAA Guidelines. 


Through partnership with the TOC Foundation, The Concussion Center offers ImPACT Baseline testing for individuals participating in sports or recreational activities.


TOC is proud to add concussion expertise to their role as official team physicians for Florida State Athletics, FAMU Athletics, TCC Athletics and Chipola College.

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