TOC Foundation

ImPACT Baseline Testing Service

Concussions can occur during any sport or physical activity in people of all ages. It is recommended you get a baseline test for your own safety, before a concussion occurs.

People who consider themselves at risk for a concussion can now get an ImPACT baseline test by appointment at the TOC office.  What is a baseline test? The test is a computer-based assessment and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.  Test results are maintained in a secure data bank.  With your consent, test results can be provided to your medical provider, coach or athletic trainer.

ImPACT testing at TOC is also available to groups or teams who wish to be tested.  Call (850) 877-8174 for an appointment.  

The cost is $20 for a baseline ImPACT test, payable to TOC Foundation.  Proceeds of this community service benefit the TOC Foundation.

Learn more about the ImPACT Baseline Testing Service at TOC.